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Throughout the centuries, masters of forge have passed down the secret techniques involved in handcrafting wrought iron.

At Evolution Iron, we are devoted to the creation of unique iron works for custom homes and businesses. Our architectural installations can be functional, such as an entrance gate, or of a decorative nature, like a garden sculpture.

We are versed in creating works in a wide range of styles, from fancy Middle Ages, mysterious Gothic, elegant Art Nouveau to our own "Organic Evolution" which features elements of nature such as trees, vines, wildlife, etc.

Our second-generation Russian designer, Katerina Ouchakova, has an extensive design background which ensures the ironworks you are getting complement the style of your home and suits your tastes and character.

Our custom works can integrate some of the earth's most noble materials such as iron, wood, marble and glass. These materials exquisitely enhance each other's quality, creating a classy sophisticated effect. Our master blacksmith, Cory Walters, with his extensive experience working with Iron is the one who brings Katerina's designs to life.

Evolution Iron, is a member of such blacksmithing organizations as the Ontario Artistic Blacksmithing Association (OABA), and Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA).

We strive to contribute to the preservation of the ancient art of blacksmithing, which appears to be on its way of being found only in museums. We hope to work closer with the Historical Society of Ottawa on conservation and salvation projects of the beautiful wrought iron around the city and its surroundings.

Please browse through our work. All projects have been designed, created and installed by our experienced team and are located in Canada and the United States. Should you become interested in commissioning Evolution Iron with your project, please contact us to find out about our design and work process.